What is a consultation? Sometimes reliable and verified resources are hard to come by or may seem confusing. Once you have done some research of your own, maybe you want a professional's explanation or guidance. A consultation is a way to connect with me via phone or web, out of the convenience of your home, to obtain advice, an opinion, or guidance on a question or topic of your choice. Such questions commonly discussed include:

  • What are the different type of hair pieces (toppers) and which would you suggest?

  • Can you explain to me more about what Inositol is and is not?

  • I would like more information about the hair re-growth process.

  • What are the different ways hair pieces can be attached and what is your suggestion?

  • What does the research suggest about medication for a BFRB? Can you explain more?

  • Can we discuss alterations in diet and how this may or may not affect my body-focused repetitive behavior?

  • I read about ______ in your book and want to find out more information.

  • What has been your experience with _____________?

It is important to keep in mind that scheduling a time to discuss your questions or concerns in a consultation format is not therapy.  A consultation does not take the place of therapy in working through the deeper stuff. Instead, a consultation is an opportunity to get your questions answered and help lead you in the right direction, or provide clarity to your path toward treatment.

Consultations are scheduled for either 55 or 85 minutes. Please feel free to contact me at lindsey@lmullertherapy.com, or by completing the fields in the contact page, in order to schedule your consultation or find out about rates.