From a very close family, Lindsey was fortunate enough to have had a personal relationship with five out of eight great-grandparents, and has been actively involved in the lives of all four of her grandparents. Through these relationships, Lindsey learned, from first-hand experience, the positives and the challenges of the natural aging process; from grandparents becoming great-grandparents, the diagnosis of a terminal illness, the loss of all close friends, to the celebration of finding a new hobby or recovering from illness, Lindsey holds a special place of empathy, patience, and understanding for this exceptionally important and special group. At one point, Lindsey was tasked with editing a book written by her grandfather about his life. It was during this project of becoming an expert on his life that Lindsey came to realize how the potential and innumerable accomplishments that one had at a younger age can easily be lost or overlooked by others when older, especially as the values of society evolve.

Out of her concern for and curiosity about older adults, Lindsey works with kindness, sincerity, and humor to encourage and help individuals find substance, happiness, healing, inspiration and, importantly—purpose and fulfillment. The focus is on finding a way to refocus on growth, potential, and meaning rather than decline, deficiency, lack, or loss in later life. By tapping into an individuals emotions and thoughts, Lindsey helps her clients uncover their greatest sense of fulfillment and dreams, or recreate their lives in a way they never thought possible. For some, this is finding a new love after the loss of a lifelong partner. For others, this is finding a life free of isolation and loneliness.

Lindsey’s office is located on the ground floor and is a short walk from the parking lot. This provides easy access into the office without the burden of using stairs or taking an elevator. Lindsey creates a safe and comfortable space for the enhancement of physical and mental well-being.