Have you been working out consistently but are not pleased with the lack of results? Do you find it difficult to eat mindfully or think you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Are you training for a competition or marathon? Are you trying to lose weight/inches or gain weight/size?  Do you feel confused by what you should and should not be eating? Have you been diagnosed with food allergies and are at a loss for what to eat now?  Are you trying to implement a new vegan lifestyle and not sure how to make the change? Nutrition therapy can cover any or all of this.

Aside from mental health therapy, Ms. Muller has experience as a nutritionist. Having earned her certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Ms. Muller provides nutrition therapy on a private consultation basis. While the mind is a complex structure, so is the body. Beyond this, the interaction between mind and body is an additional layer of depth and complexity. Ms. Muller, having grown up as an athlete, has worked with professional athletes, first-timers in the gym, those with unhealthy eating habits, personal trainers, and in eating disorder treatment facilities on both the East Coast and West Coast. Ms. Muller has seen, first-hand, the polarities in the realm of nutrition; over-eating to under-eating, fear of food to love of food, desire for thin to desire for muscle. Through her multifarious experiences, Ms. Muller has found a unique opportunity to blend her expertise on mind function with body function in a clear, concise form without technicality.

Ms. Muller's passion is holistic wellness, encompassing the mind and the body. A frequently ignored component of improved mental health is balanced nutrition. Further, a frequently ignored component of improved quality of life is a healthy relationship with food, and the ability to exercise regularly which is best accomplished with proper nutrition and hydration.

Nutritional consultations follow the overarching concept that Food is Medicine, Food is Energy.  Each program is designed for each individual client. Programs range from a one time consultation to an extensively developed long-term commitment to health and wellness. Clients can opt to extend their program based upon their behavioral and objective goals (set forth at the beginning of the program). Consultations and programs may include any or all of the following:

  • initial questionnaires and assessments
  • goal writing
  • body analysis
  • current food intake analysis
  • supplement education
  • creation of an individual food program with consideration of calories, macros, and body type (endomorph vs mesomorph vs ectomorph)
  • regular follow-ups
  • coordination of food plan with exercise program in working with your trainer
  • built-in change for plateaus or changes in goals
  • grocery store shopping guidance
  • kitchen rehab in the comfort of your own home

Contact Lindsey Muller at (424) 330-8313 to get started on the journey for improved health/goal attainment, or for additional information and pricing.