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Therapy is an interaction between the therapist and the client whereby tapping into words, body language, and scientifically validated techniques are used to develop healthy thoughts and behaviors. The process of change occurs over time as a result of the relationship and collaborative team effort. A therapist provides a compassionate listening ear that is neutral and nonjudgmental. A good therapist does not give advice and tell you what to do. Instead, a therapist asks the right questions which leads you to view aspects of your life in a different way. In turn, this can provide better understanding and clarity to make appropriate changes. Sessions are 55 minutes. The therapy room is created to be comfortable, private, and a safe space. If you are feeling nervous or anxious about your first session, that is okay! It can be scary or overwhelming for many people and this is something we can talk about. The first session is to answer any questions you have and begin to explore your background, history, individuality, and what brought you to see me. One unique thing about therapy is no two sessions are the same. The session is about your thoughts, current feelings, reviewing homework assignments, and slowly exploring those thoughts and feelings.

BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior) coaching is available to clients who live in states or countries where I am not currently licensed (as well as those living in Florida and Montana who would prefer coaching over therapy). There are many states that do not have a specialist in BFRBs (skin picking, nail biting, and hair pulling); therefore, there are many individuals who are left without any resources, support, or help to make improvements to unwanted behaviors. While I am unable to provide therapy to clients anywhere and everywhere, I have both a downloadable E-Book Coaching Guide and Coaching sessions offered to those individuals. Like a fitness coach, dating coach, life coach, executive/corporate coach, spiritual coach, or public speaking coach, I offer behavioral coaching sessions where we work together in a supportive and collaborative effort to determine your personal goals, better understand barriers to accomplishing those goals or behavioral changes, and then identify, practice, and implement behavioral changes or lifestyle changes to arrive at those goals. Behaviors are actions, and can be evaluated and challenged within the context of one’s environment and lifestyle. Unlike therapy, coaching is more direct and may include advice or feedback on your current lifestyle as a way to manage BFRB behaviors. I maintain a level of privacy and confidentiality with all of my coaching clients like I do with my therapy clients. Like therapy, sessions are held over a secure, private web video portal or secure phone line. Sessions are 55 minutes and individualized based on what barriers you are working to overcome, and what your personal goals are.

Due to the limited nature of BFRB specialists throughout the country and world, should you have found my website and are interested in therapy, please reach out to me and I will do my best to connect you with a therapist in your area who specializes in BFRBs. Should there not be a specialist in your state, I am happy to discuss the differences between therapy and coaching so we can determine what might be the best option for you, and to make sure the differences between these services are understood.

To find a BFRB coach, therapist, psychologist, support group, or online services in your area, you can also visit The TLC Foundation for BFRBS. This is an amazing organization and resource. One of my professional goals is to provide BFRB advocacy and help connect each individual who desires support or help to a therapist/psychologist/coach/information/support group. Please feel free to contact me!