I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to the needs and goals of each client. I specialize in individual psychotherapy and coaching for teens and adults who:

  • struggle with skin picking, nail biting, or hair pulling ( or other body-focused repetitive behaviors)

  • struggle with anxiety

  • want to increase self-compassion and self-love

  • want to achieve personal and professional goals

  • are experiencing a life transition

  • desire support as a single in navigating the current dating world

  • want to create and maintain healthy relationships

  • struggle with perfectionism

I offer individual psychotherapy for elder (70+) adults who:

  • want support in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • need an advocate to navigate the complex medical system of care

  • are experiencing loneliness and sadness due to loss of friends/loved ones

  • desire to redefine their purpose and meaning in life

  • struggle with age-related physical and mental decline

  • are experiencing age-related chronic illness

Support Group

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